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Okanagan Real Estate Buyers are Looking For Lifestyle Developments

The Okanagan new home market continues to grow. From condo developments that attract first time buyers, investors, and couples.... » Read More

The Business of Referrals

There are a huge number of Realtors®. In the North Okanagan alone there are 319 and there are more coming into the business than... » Read More

Buyer Pride

If you are going to get the best dollar for your house take a long look at how to increase your homes general exterior appeal. Buyers will pay the best prices if they are going to be proud of what they've... » Read More


Too many of us, facing downsizing is a dilemma. The mere thought of scaling down is overwhelming. How does one go from the typical family home of three bedrooms, full basement... » Read More cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of real estate details and other real estate information provided. The content on the website is provided as a convenience to you and should not be relied upon without verification.