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The Business of Referrals

There are a huge number of Realtors®. In the North Okanagan alone there are 319 and there are more coming into the business than are leaving. So, it can be bewildering for you to choose a Realtor®.

If you have already dealt with a Realtor® and your experience was a good one, there is no reason to call any other Realtor® the next time you are buying and selling, assuming you are still in the same town, of course. Doing business with a Realtor® you have confidence in and are comfortable with just makes sense. When a Realtor® has done a good job, I believe they have earned your future loyalty.

Realtors® really appreciate it when you remember to recommend them to others whenever you get the opportunity.

But, suppose you are new to real estate dealings. You have looked in the local real estate ads and you may have even looked up a few Realtors® websites. It’s an overwhelming choice.

So, you begin asking people you know to make recommendations to you. That's a good decision. Most people will be happy to tell you the name of their Realtor® if they’re experiences have been positive.

It is possible, even likely, that if you ask several people you know you'll have more than one name suggested to you. I think it's a good idea if you book appointments to meet and interview each of those Realtors®. Try to meet them at their offices, if possible. I think that may help you to know the Realtor® just that much better. You want to know that you are comfortable talking to them, that you believe they’ll put in the time and energy you’ll need and that they will focus on doing a good job for you.

A second aspect of referrals in the real estate business is the referrals a Realtor® in one locale sends to a Realtor® in another. Did you know that the Realtor® you know and trust in your area can recommend a good Realtor® in another? This can help if you are relocating. But, remember if your friends or relatives living in another area need such a reference, your own Realtor® can be of great assistance.

Most Realtors® are credible, hardworking people. They do a good job because it is their desire to do so. They also know that if they do a good job you'll deal with them in the future and in the meantime you will recommend them to others. Realtors® build their successful businesses on such referrals. cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of real estate details and other real estate information provided. The content on the website is provided as a convenience to you and should not be relied upon without verification.