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Buyer Pride

If you are going to get the best dollar for your house take a long look at how to increase your homes general exterior appeal. Buyers will pay the best prices if they are going to be proud of what they've bought.

Try to imagine how a buyer would feel if they are about to make you an offer. Ask yourself, would the buyer want to ask his/her in-laws to drive by the house because they believe they are buying a winner? If the answer is ďnoĒ this is your call to action.

Itís helpful to take a photo of the exterior of your home. Carefully scrutinize every detail. How do the gutters and down pipes look? Are they in good condition? Are they breaking away? Re-install or replace them as you see necessary. How about the exterior paint and in particular, the trim paint? Unless your trim paint is less than five years old itís best to re-apply to present a clean, crisp finish. This is a good time to update your exterior colour scheme as well. Your Realtor can suggest colours that are presently popular. Check out your fencing. Repair anything broken or rickety and paint to freshen. Be sure any gates you have are balanced and latching properly.

Examine sidewalks and driveways. Are they cracked, sinking or do they have weeds poking through cracks? If they are, they are a billboard ad to a buyer that your place is in disrepair and they are going to have to spend money when they buy it. Itís clearly beneficial to remedy any of this kind of neediness prior to it going the market. Buyers tend to overestimate the cost of such things, so youíll usually yield a better price if you fix them yourself first.

Last, but never least assess your landscaping. Are things a mess? Is your shrubbery overgrowing? Is the landscaping boring? Trim and clean everything you can. Edge the lawns. Trim the shrubs and trees. Sometimes itís a good idea to invest in some new plantings to make sure things are interesting and colourful. By all means, add colour. Place hanging baskets and potted plants that ooze with colour in every possible place. Itís both invigorating and cheerful.

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